Wrzeczak's Website
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My name is Wrzeczak (not my real name, of course), and this is my website. I am a Pole, born and raised in Georgia (US) and later Texas. The name is a made-up word meant to sound Polish, loosely based off "dresiarz." I am a writer of music, articles, and code. Bass trombone is my main instrument, but I have faculties on the piano and a few other brass instruments. I program small games and other bits and pieces of code; it's more a mental exercise and hobby than anything else, so don't expect any LARBS-like projects out of me.
I'm professedly a Catholic, but deeply interested in Orthodox theology as well, perhaps in the consideration of a conversion. I'm a Christian libertarian leftist, not necessarily Marxian but I share many Marxist views.

I plan on joining the Cedars webring when it eventually opens up, so look out for that. Seems to be a dead project, the website's HTTPS has lapsed and all that can now be found is a quote about the mother tree or something. A shame.

Special thanks to envis10n for hosting poop.uno and wrzeczak.net for over a year, all for free. His help and generosity in getting my website off the ground cannot be overstated. You can find him here on github.

If you ever need to contact me, you can email me at wrzeczak@protonmail.com (custom mail server coming soon?), or more immediately on Discord as wrzeczak. My GitHub can be found here.

Book(s) I'm Reading: Orthodox Dogmatic Theology by Protpreb. Michael Pomanzansky
A Study of History by Arnold Toynbee